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'Cause It Matters

     Michaela Klobušická

the second album of songs

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 Welcome here

Let me introduce my second musical album called  “ ‘Cause It Matters ” .

It was published by "Supraphon" on the 19 of February 2022 and except for Supraphononline, you can listen to it on Spotify, iTunes/ Apple Music, Amazon and tens of others common music streaming platforms. 

Here, on my website, there are just parts of the songs as a teaser and the first one complete.

There are 10 songs in different languages: 5 in English, 3 in Czech and 2 even in Slovak

( my second native language ).  

Songs are accompanied by my piano arrangements, this time with many vocals, in style of pop, chanson, and the bits of blues, soul and others I like. One beautiful song was born by setting the Ingrid's poetic lyrics to music. Another one is seasoned with the strings arrangements. 

music / lyrics:  Michaela Klobušická

piano / vocals:  Michaela Klobušická

recording, mix, mastering:  Radek Polívka and Petr Babec

Slovak lyrics (Tak mi prepáč): Ingrid Frühauf 

English editor: Alastair Edwards

Special thanks belong to my family for support and patience and to my amazing teacher of singing Pavla Fendrichová. 


20.10. 2022

Futura Light je velmi populární font inspirovaný prvky Bauhausu. Je ideální pro nadpisy, bannery, loga atd. Slova díky němu vyniknou.

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