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 by  Michelle K.

             A photograph attracts me and entertains me by all its aspects.  Photography is my work realisation, it is  the way how I express my artistic soul and also it is my teacher of the world. Again and again it improves my observing skill, enlarges my visual memory and enriches the scale of colours, contrast, shapes and emotions I  can notice and perceive. So sometimes I see the world around  as a set of photos which I must keep in my mind and can recall easily anytime.

       The whole process how to get a new photograph is so creative - and this  is just something for me. What   a grade scale of a technical facilities  the nowadays cameras have; how to chose, design and stylise the object  of one’s photographing or using a high advanced technology of editing software or actually doing graphic work on a photograph … Every step of this productive process leading to the   final product - a portrait, picture, photograph -  is a large field for artistic creativity.

      I was involved into a process of  a photograph birth from my childhood. As a child I was the mum’s assistant in the home dark photo-room thousand times and I can remind it all in  details as I enjoyed it so much: it was such a magic when the photograph slowly got to its appearance  on the photo paper dived in the developing liquid. 

    The visual form of art was always a matter of my interest theoretically. That is why my university diploma thesis dealt with the symmetry, asymmetry and the golden ration  rules and relations in the nature as well as in the art.


        So eventually, after reading so many books, completion of many courses and years-taking  but never-ending practice, I take pictures for you, my clients,  professionally.

    You can follow my work currently on my Facebook site (@icanseeyourbeauty), this web site and also on the website of Czech photo magazine  “FOTOVIDEO” ( ), where I can regularly take a part in its big well-known competition called  “Photographer of the year” (each year 12 categories/ over 20 thousands photos participating, my awarded photos see “awarded pictures” in the website menu ).

          I like taking pictures of beauty, which means photographing what makes pleasure to our eyes and heart. And I see a lot of beauty all around. I am fascinated by a human face and it makes me happy to show the people how beautiful they are because we all have an individual beauty. It is my work to highlight wanted signs, wait for the right expressions, choose the suitable light and situation, set up the comfort atmosphere - said in general I devote thoroughly to a client and his world. I really make effort so that the clients  are  enjoying  the time while being photographed, while posing to me so they remember it as a pleasant entertaining experience.  Together we are melting gradually  stress and  restraint of shyness which most of us have  standing in front of a camera.

   The kids' spontaneity and genuineness touches my heart and to record kids' playfulness, freedom - kids' world - gives me pleasure. Children are growing up so quickly and the time will never stop and come back - so the family memories in photo album is simply a “must have”. 

   I like to work with opposite light and movement. I prefer filled balanced  composition and dynamics in the pictures.  Also I' m fond of photographing  intimity of nature - kinds of small universe such as  leaves, flowers or secluded places which is something on the edge of macro-photography. Also I

make wall pictures: my own or on the requested themes concerning

the  taste of clients and their home interior.

My camera:

  • NIKON D750


favourite authors:

  • Bryan Peterson

  • Roman Pihan

Favourite YouTube guru:

  • piximperfect


personal profile

iFOTOVIDEO magazine: 


Absolvované kurzy 2017 až 2020

  • Ovládání zrcadlovky  - Vojtěch Kubec -  NIKON

  • Kreativní portrét -  Kateřina Janišová - Foto Škoda

  • Svícení portrétu v ateliéru s Michalem Pavlíkem 

  • Adobe Lightroom (Stanislav Petera) - Foto Škoda

  • Filmové svícení (Stanislav Petera) - Foto Škoda

  • Správa barev a kalibrace - Foto Škoda

  • Portrét v přirozeném světle - Robert Vano - Foto Institut

  • Marketing fotografa - Petr Pělucha - Foto Institut

       … a další workshopy a individuální kurzy hlavně u Foto Škoda


V centru mého osobního zájmu stojí také kompozice a lidské vnímání tvarů, forem a uspořádání, Genetické predispozice a kódovaní lidského  vnímání, zlatý řez a jeho praktické i filozofické aspekty. Tomuto tématu jsem se věnovala ve své diplomové práci “Symetrie a asymetrie ve světě kolem nás” (katedra filozofie TU Liberec) a dodnes pokračuji ve sbírání dalších informací a úvah. 

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