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 by Michelle K.

Who  I am and my way to here 

   In our family we all love music and most of us play an instrument and so do I. So as a child I was a member of  school choir, I attended music school,  played the flute, the piano and the guitar. I regularly  took  a part in kids' shows and competitions. And I had one more passion besides - modern dancing … I devoted much time to both of these joys. Children's desire and attempts had developed to real job as a professional  dancer in the theatre. Dance and music are obviously  inseparable friends.

      For 8 years I was a member of a dancing company in several Prague musicals (The Pyramid Theatre and Broadway Theatre in Prague)  such as: “The Grease”, “The Rebels”, “Kleopatra" and others. Later I returned  back to music and I was a singer and a pianist in a small group of musicians called “M++”  -playing Norah Jones revival (2009). 

   Just much later, as an adult, I have uncovered my own ability to compose music and let it grow to big joy from composing my own songs. And it was like opening the new world of  new pleasure for me. Creating a song  is my personal meditation. I never compose having a purpose, unlikely I let the result  find me. Surrounded by music in my head and being in the contact with my intuition  I get immersed in satisfactory state of my mind. Afterwards the routine follows: rehearsal, recording, detailed work and drill.



Foto: Alena Chmelová

     And, at last, the concert for you - a great moment for me. When I see that  the audience have an experience, I am so happy.  I have seen joy as well as tears in eyes, closed dreamy eyes, open curious eyes, expressions of expectations, delight, amusement or deep thinking. And I felt we went through something together  thanks to music and its lyrics. And that means, there is sense in it... Because what would be a man being just on one' s own, alone?



My music and lyrics


  My songs could be called pop-chanson with single accompaniment of piano. With the bits of many tastes: folk, jazz, blues, soul, but above all pop and chanson. I write the lyrics in Czech, English and Slovak, and my lyrics are inspired by my personal experience but further developed to questions to open themes which concern all of us: such as love, relationships, fantasy, inspiration, knowledge of  world and our role and aim here.



    My concert programme takes an hour and half including a break, I sing usually about 13 songs. I am an author of all the songs, music, as well as the lyrics and piano arrangements. My music is rather emotional, with intimate ambience and chamber character. I play the piano and sing or just sing with my prepared piano arrangements, depends on the technical conditions and  situation.


Further you can follow me on:

Plans and future

     I would like to raise up  my music ideas to higher new levels accompanying with more musicians, more instruments or more voices. I can imagine much wider musical arrangement for my songs playing together with more musicians and developing ideas, singing with backing vocals, etc ….  For now I try to make my piano as full  as possible to substitute the band voice. I know there is a lot of work to do and to get further, but I love music and I make it with passion.

      If you are somebody who likes my style and see the potential growth in it, contact me for a future cooperation either as a manager/ booker or as a musician.

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